About us

The Somali Boxing Federation has recently been constructed in order to provide the young Somali athletes to get a chance to develop in their sports. As we are a new federation, we have to have core structure to have a successful strategy. To have a successful strategy and meet the visions of the federation, we need to create a solid leadership, governance, operations and staffing structure. The Somali Boxing Federation employs professional team alongside volunteers to manage their star athletes during their competition. The strategy details are many that the Somali Boxing Federations aims to achieve.

  • Increase participation among the young people through working closely with schools
  • Increasing participation among women and girls
  • Development of coaching, coaches and officials
  • Create clubs and assist with club development
  • Developing pathways and competitive opportunities
  • Creating, supporting and developing volunteers
  • Identifying and developing the talent pool
  • Create facilities where the athletes, particularly the young people, grow and sustain the sporting standard and increase the succession and satisfaction in the sports