Somalia Closer To Finals Of African Boxing Championship

Somalia is one step closer to the finals of the African Boxing Championship zone 3 which is currently under way in Libreville, the capital of Gabon.

Somalian boxers Rashid Omar, 64kg and Adan Mohamed 75kg are now through to the semi-finals of the competition after beating their rivals from Burundi and Algeria in big fights on Monday.


Somali Boxing Federation, General Secretary Abdirahman Ali Mire, who is accompanying the team said that the Somali flag carriers are now preparing for their semi-final clashes schedule for Wednesday 15th of May.

Rashid Omar who competes for Somalia will fight his Cameroonian counterpart, Mengue Ayissi, while Adan Mohamed (Somalia) will take on Ndayize Jean (Burundi)

“Somali Boxing returned to the world platform only early last year after decades of absence and in this war-weary nation, we are still financially unstable,” he adds “thanks to the National Olympic Committee of Somalia for its commitment to the game” Somali Boxing Federation, General Secretary Abdirahman Ali Mire.

The boxing sport was axed in Somalia in 1976 when the then dictator Mohamed Siyad Barre banned the game and named it “unwanted” sport after a fighter was knocked down and vomited during a game.

That was the first boxing competition in more than three decades, with young fighters in the conflict-torn nation dreaming of a career in international rings.

In 1991 when war broke out in the country’s capital, Mogadishu all sorts of sports were suspended and athletics fled the country escaping endless fight. Until today many Somali athletes compete internationally for adopted nations.

In September 2018, Somalia hold its first boxing competition since 1991 with with young fighters in the capital.

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