Boxer who is aiming to be the first to represent Somalia in the next Olympics

In March this year coach Richard Moore and Somali boxer Ramla Ali travelled to Denmark where Ramla competed in the Hvidovre Box Cup. After boxing a strong Swedish opponent in her first bout and winning unanimously she met a very experienced Danish girl called Bettina Dahl in the final. Ramla came through her final victorious to win Gold. Ramla_Ali_Denmark_Tournament_6

Shortly after the tournament in Denmark Ramla Ali was invited to the Gold Coast, Australia as a training partner to Valerian Spicer (Team Dominica) who was competing in the Commonwealth Games 2018. Ramla took this opportunity to spar with some of the country’s no 1 ranked 57kgs boxers whilst she was there including elite females from Dominica, Cameroon, Botswana & Barbados. 

RamlaAli_AustraliaCamp_&_Team_Botswana (1)

After a long training camp, Ramla Ali and her coach travelled to Benshiem Germany in June to compete in the Sparkasse Open tournament. Again Ramla won her first bout unanimously against a Swiss boxer and went on to meet the no 2 ranked German at 57kg in the final. A very tough bout against an experienced southpaw resulting in victory and Ramla winning Gold. 


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